Faris, Pakistan

My name is Faris and I am from Pakistan. My first language is Urdo, but I try to write this in English.  My age is 26 and I considered myself as a moderate stutterer till few weeks ago. I developed stuttering when I was 8 years old. Throughout these years I stuttered on 95% of the words and I faced so many troubles in my all education. I had to exert a long pause before uttering a word. I could never raise a question in my class fearing that fellow students will laugh at me. 

I sought excuse from my teachers for giving a presentation in the class, explaining them my stuttering problem. I wanted to make a lot of friends and wanted to speak other people but I could never ever do it.

My father had stuttering in his teenage years but later he was automatically cured when he reached 20.  He claimed that he used to practice in the mirror this is what cured him. I did it a lot, even I went to a speech therapist but all in vain.  I started a homeopathic treatment for almost 3 months but I did not help me except just calming me down and giving a great sleep.

I saw posts of Lee Lovett on a facebook group then I contacted him via email by visiting his website. My first session was conducted on April 08th 2019. We used to skype every week and I have noticed improvement in my speech but not so great. Afterwards, Lee had to cancel his coaching with all the PWS for few months. My sessions started again on 21st October 2019 and we used to have sessions once a month. Then, I was assigned to Prathusha who is one of the certified coaches of SAA.  She was very friendly with me and the most important thing is that she could empathize with me and understand exactly what I was going through. She mentored and we drilled intensely on the crutches which led to a tremendous improvement in my speech. She motivated me a lot which kept my spirit high all the time. The crutches helped me a lot especially when I voice modulate, skipping the first syllable extreme pronunciation and use passion with body language I do not stutter at all. Sometimes I was a very tough guy because I never allowed myself to stutter and this is the golden parachute which Lee taught me.  I haven’t appeared to be speech disabled for months now.

Now, I can proudly say that I’m a PWSS or an ex- PWS because now my stutter is a history. One has to blindly follow Lee Lovett’s methods to attain fluency and nothing else matters. Believe in his methods and you shall hit the road of fluency without any predicament. 

Faris, Pakistan, March 2020

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