Esther (17), Ohio

My name is Ester, I live in Ohio.  I began working on my stuttering with Coach Lee when I was 17.  I’m in college now.  I stuttered from age 3.  Every member of our family has stuttered some, and two of my younger siblings, ages 9 and 7, stuttered more than the others.  Since all or most of were stuttering, our conversations were kind of like teaching each other to stutter.  This can snowball.

My stuttering pattern was mainly repeats, blocks and silences.  Strangely, I wasn’t fully fluent when talking alone, and I stuttered more around my family (as they often stuttered) but rarely with my friends.  As I am home-schooled, I didn’t face classroom-talking issues until I started college in the past year, by which time,  thanks to WSSA’s program and Coach Lee’s book, I had overcome the problem.

My mom found Coach Lee and World Stop Stuttering Association in early 2022.  She read his book and so did I.  My nine-year-old sister even read quite a bit of it.  His book made a great deal of sense to us, and we began doing what he suggested.

I read aloud a lot and tried to do it with as much feeling as a I possibly could.  I also did a form of his mind training or talking to myself and that helped too.  Best of all, I used most of his Crutches.

We began Skyping with Coach Lee in April 2022 and that helped too.  The more that I thought about his methods, the less that I stuttered.  I haven’t appeared speech disabled for over six months now.  Equally good, I don’t think negatively about my speech anymore, and I’m not even thinking, fearing and/or forcing words anymore, which makes life much easier and more fun.  Happily, everyone in our family has seemed to stop stuttering.  Our conversations are so much better now.

As a result, I so recommend Coach Lee’s books and World Stop Stuttering Association.  As WSSA says, it’s the only place in the world where you can find a community of ex-stutterers and PWS who are becoming ex-stutterers.  They do precisely what they say they do:  They help PWS stop stuttering.  There’s just no reason anymore to spend your life stuttering.

Ester, Ohio, Summer 2022

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