Daniel, Singapore

I started stuttering at age six, and I had lots of blocks, especially to authority figures.  My name is Daniel, and I’m 25. I live in Singapore, and I speak Chinese and English. I’ve had quite a bit of therapies.  In the Camperdown Program, they told me to “sing whenever I speak”. This worked for a few days but then I started stuttering again.  

I have a BS in Business, but I’ve had trouble finding a job, and my stuttering was part of the problem.  Somehow I found Lee’s book in the late summer of 2018, and I loved it. I was able to reduce my stuttering quite a bit by just reading it.  In it, Lee or Coach Lee as many call him invites people to email him, which I did. He replied and we started Skyping. We talked a lot about ‘the whole man” and the need to change the way that we think about ourselves, not judge ourselves so harshly and to think more about others.  I loved his crutches especially. I learned ways to dodge my blocks and work around them. Within two months of Skypes, I was able to stop having “bad incidents”, which Lee defines as appearing to have speech disability. That November 2018. Since then, I may have had two bad incidents but it’s been five months.  

I’m still Skyping with Lee fairly often.  While I’m still a work in progress, I did stop having bad incidents five or so months ago, and that’s really BIG for me.  Right now I’m working on learning to love to speak anywhere anytime to anybody. That’s a big step, as I still have some speech fears and threatened blocks.  You can’t get too good at the crutches, and I still work on them. I also actively fight speech fears by replacing them with positive affirmations.

I wanted to post my story, because I want others to know that Lee’s book and methods do work.  You can get on the “Fluency Wagon”, as Lee calls it. So why not do it?

DANIEL, Singapore, April 2019

P.S. In January 2020, nine months after posting his Success Story, Daniel says “My speech is fantastic” and he explains what and how he’s doing.  See and hear him speak here: https://youtu.be/PyCm3D5Wg8M

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