Brandon, Singapore

I go by “Brandon” in the English speaking world or “Chenguu” where I live in Singapore.  I;m 25 now, and I started stuttering late, at age 15. My problem was mainly blocks and mostly in social settings.  Other than that, I was fluent. So, lots of people didn’t know that I stuttered, but quite a few did. Regardless, these periodic speech breakdowns were extremely embarrassing.  I tried some other therapies but without any progress.

I read Lee Lovett’s book in late 2018, and it helped my speech a lot.  I began giving myself auto suggestion treatments before bed and on arising and reading aloud an hour or so daily.  This helped too. Then I Skyped with Coach Lee about five times. Each Skype helped me learn to use the Crutches better.  My favorites were Crutch 4, putting words or sounds in front of words and jamming the two together, and Crutch 6, rephrasing the thought or changing the subject.  Later, I began using Crutch 10, linking words together, and this was like a ticket to fluency. Lee urged me not to talk so fast which was another plus. Not only did I stutter less, my speech sounded really good.

By March 2019, I hadn’t had a “bad incident” (sounding speech disabled) in about ten weeks.  I had proved to myself that I had learned ways to avoid any stutter or block anytime. Because of that, I decided that I should post a success story on SAA and become a “PWSS”, person who has stopped stuttering.  Now, I am working on teaching myself to love to speak regardless of the situation, and I’m Skyping with Lee as often as I need to do it to accomplish that. To all the PWS out there, I just want to say that Lee’s methods work and the Skype coaching is a big help, and it’s free!  It’s changed me and my life forever. You can be fluent too. It’s so much more fun.

Brandon, Singapore, March 2019

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