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Hi all I’m Art, I’m 25 and live in Florida.  I started stuttering at a fairly young age.  I didn’t really pay any mind to it until I was about 10 where words I wanted to say couldn’t come out of my mouth while my peers were speaking with ease. It was frustrating but I always figured it would be something I would “grow out of”.  Throughout the years I’ve had “highs” where I felt like I was pretty much fluent except for like 95% of the time  and “lows” where I felt like I didn’t have the confidence to speak at all. As I’ve gotten older and gained some confidence I have been able to manage it more. I have tried different speech therapies and they have worked for a while but nothing that has had a long term impact yet. I found Lee in mid-2021, and I decided this is something that I can beat no matter how difficult the obstacle may seem.  Meeting with Lee has helped me get to the point where I feel like I can “say any word anywhere anytime” as Lee famously says. I gravitated towards Lee as it seems like to me he had practical experience helping PWS and he himself has experienced many of the same feelings as I’ve had since he has gone through the same things.  Seeing someone I can relate to in that area made me decide to give it a chance so I emailed him. I’ve been working with Lee for about 3-4 months now and from reading his book aloud, working in Skype sessions, and practicing his crutches. I could see from the first session that Lee is truly passionate about the cause and over the time I have steadily improved.  I have reached first base where I don’t have consistent bad incidents and we are well on our way to becoming an above average speaker and communicator, with a goal of loving to speak everywhere.  For career reasons, I just can’t insert links to my coaching videos.  I wish that I could.  Maybe later. I’m not perceived as speech disabled and I’m well on my way to becoming a well above average communicator.  Starting this program has given me the clarity I needed to reach the end of this long journey. I recommend Lee as he will truly try his best and has decades of experience and knowledge to help you not only beat stuttering but help guide you toward gaining the confidence to overcome most fears you think are holding you back. ARTHUR, Florida, Dec. 2021
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