Abdulla Al-Khelaifi

Abdulla, United Kingdom

Hello, I am Abdulla. I have been fighting with stuttering for as long as I can remember.  My bad habits had led me into never finding a cure. This year I decided to address this problem since it was bothering me and my social life. It made me feel inferior to people when in reality I am not. I started tackling the problem by fighting blocks and forcing words, this made me situation worse because subconsciously I was filling my fluency meter and giving it momentum.

Later on, I decided to consult a hypnotherapist to get hypnotized and be healed. I was a fool to think that hypnosis was the cure to my problems. What I learned from the sessions with the therapist was that the human mind has two parts (conscious and subconscious) and that we can program our minds to whatever we want or it can be programmed be the environment surrounding us. This is where my journey of self-improvement started. I then read numerous books about the human mind and the power of our thoughts.

One day, I decided to research about stuttering books on Google and Amazon, I bought some and started reading. Every book I read was saying the same “stuttering is self-imposed” you are the creator of it. I deeply believe that everybody in this world can turn into a stutter if they firmly believe that they are one and any stutter can be fluent if they believe that they are fluent.

I then stumbled on a great book by an author called LEE LOVETT through Amazon. Lee has simply given us the blueprint to defeat stuttering and he has the evidence to back it up. The way Lee describes the stuttering meter and fluency meter and how constant stuttering memories and incidents fills your stuttering meter and provides it with momentum. This gives you a great explanation to why your stuttering gets worse even though you are socializing but you are constantly stuttering in gatherings. To avoid any stuttering or bad memories a crutch system is introduced. You treat your stutter as a broken leg, you can’t walk on a broken leg with no crutch. I like the idea and creativity of the 12 crutches, if you really master them you will never stutter a day in your life, because you will know how to deal with any stuttering fears.

Lee urges constant reading aloud and this helped me to hear myself in a fluent voice without any blocks or repeats. I like to speak with passion, whisper or with an accent when I read aloud makes it fun and enjoyable.

Finally Coach Lee urges mind training to program your mind and fill it with positive thoughts. This helped a lot too.

Along the way, I found World Stop Stuttering Association, which offers a great program built around Lee’s books.  I was also able to get some private coaching from one of WSSA’s Certified Speech Coaches, Javier.  This helped reenforce and explain all the methods even more.

One thing that I noticed when I used to stutter is that, I have this feeling of zoning out and lack of eye contact, what I do to counter this feeling is that a change the way I feel. I make myself feel happy and all the fears fade away. It’s just a stupid feeling don’t let your emotions control you, when you are the one who made them in the first place. Now I am a fluent speaker, I have been fluent for my entire life but my negative thinking has denied me from fluency. I don’t stutter anymore, I have beaten the habit of stuttering. My speech is not controlled, I don’t control it, it flows like a river.

Numerous progress has been made and the results are motivating me and making me even more hungry to develop into the person I aim to be.  In all I want to thank Lee, Javier and the  other WSSA coaches for their help and support. I will continue living my life as a fluent speaker and I am only going forwards and onwards from here.

Abdulla, United Kingdom, March 2023

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