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Our Free Crutch Chart Outlines 13 Tips and Techniques to help you overcome Stuttering and Speech Anxiety.

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Many stutterers eliminate most or all stuttering by practicing the 13 groundbreaking techniques ("Crutches") revealed in this download. These Crutches are an integral part of The Lovett Method. DOWNLOAD our 13 Crutches below and begin your journey to fluency today!


Discover these life-changing tips and techniques that have helped over 200 individuals beat stuttering and speech anxiety.


Transform Your Speech, Transform Your Life

Are you ready to transform your life through clear communication? Lee's powerful techniques go beyond merely addressing stuttering. By applying his mind-training methods, you can dramatically reduce negative thinking and elevate your life in ways you've never imagined. Lee's purpose is to show PWS that stuttering and speech-anxiety fears can be overcome, and with practice, you can even learn to love speaking everywhere you go.

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