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Take Advanced Course from People Who Stopped Stuttering & Become a Certified Speech Coach

WSSA has a dream:  Build a team of Certified Speech Coaches large enough to provide speech-coaching to thousands of people who stutter/PWS at affordable prices.

Why take the Certified Speech Coach Training Course?

This Advanced Course takes the PWSS to the love to speak level and, if the student then passes WSSA’s Certified Speech Coach Exam, the student then has the additional possibility of a part time or even full-time career coaching PWS for WSSA.

Three required steps to a possible career as a Certified Speech Coach:  

1. Sign up to WSSA's Stuttering plan 

2. Be coached by an WSSA Certified Speech Coach and earn designation as a PWSS (person who stopped stuttering) 

3. Take WSSA’s Certified Speech Coach Training Course and pass its Final Exam 

This is the ideal time to become a Stuttering subscriber of WSSA and begin your journey to:

  • Stop your stuttering and become a PWSS
  • Teach yourself to love to speak in our SpeechMasters Club
  • Take the Coaching Course and become a Certified Speech Coach
  • Improve your speech and possibly earn money by coaching

Note: WSSA must have sufficient demand for Certified Speech Coaches to provide students to coach.  In light of the requirements, WSSA cannot guarantee that you will become a PWSS or qualify to take WSSA’s Speech Coach Training Course or pass the Final Exam and be Certified or that, even if you become qualified, that there will be a sufficient demand to provide students to coach.  However, Lee and WSSA’s other Certified Speech Coaches are producing a steady stream of PWSS, and there are believed to be 70M stutterers worldwide and thus a demand for its Certified Speech Coaches.  

One thing we believe is certain:  Those who become WSSA Certified Speech Coaches will continuously raise their speech to higher levels and will have an excellent chance to have a part or full time career as a C.S.C.

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