Whispering: The “Magic” Instant Cure for Stuttering (Crutch #7)


In the context of stuttering, a “crutch” is a term used to describe various techniques or strategies that people who stutter (PWS) use to help manage and mitigate their stuttering. Crutches are not a “cure” for stuttering but rather a set of tools that individuals can employ to make their speech more fluent and less challenging. These crutches can provide temporary relief from stuttering and help boost a person’s confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

Overcoming stuttering can be an arduous journey, filled with self-doubt and frustration. However, there is a remarkable Crutch, known as Crutch #7 – The “Magic” Instant Cure, which can be a game-changer for people who stutter. In this blog, we’ll delve into the wisdom shared by Lee G. Lovett, also known as the “Speech Whisperer,” as he explores the transformative power of whispering to thwart stuttering. This unique approach, when applied in measured doses, can provide immediate relief and rekindle one’s hope for fluent speech.

The Power of Whispering

Crutch #7 offers a unique strategy, not just to escape stuttering but to silence it instantly. The approach involves whispering, and its efficacy, when used judiciously, is nothing short of magical. Whispering can become a beacon of hope for individuals struggling with stuttering. Lee G. Lovett, in his journey towards fluency, discovered the incredible potential of whispering and aptly earned the moniker “Whisperer.”

Whispering is an efficient technique, particularly when facing “First Feared Words” or in moments of intense speech-related pressure. Most people who stutter can whisper fluently, and this technique works perfectly when not overused.

Lee Lovett stumbled upon this “Magic Instant Cure” during a time when he lost his voice after passionately cheering at NFL games. Forced to whisper, he realized that his thoughts flowed effortlessly, devoid of the dreaded feared words. He promptly recognized the potential of this technique to stave off stuttering.

The Magic of Whispering

Whispering can be likened to a “magic” wand against stuttering. It offers immediate relief, making it a powerful tool in your arsenal of Crutches. The beauty of whispering is its adaptability – it can be employed at various levels, from a complete whisper to a soft, partially audible voice, or as an intermittent whisper here and there.

The Brain’s Response to Whispering

Whispering provides immediate fluency because stuttering cannot disrupt a whisper. The brain registers all thoughts, even non-verbalized ones, but it’s particularly responsive when it hears words. Whispering enables the brain to hear the words, making it a powerful tool for reprogramming the Mental Memory Bank that harbors fears related to stuttering.

The Whispering Technique

To apply the “Magic” Instant Cure, practice whispering at different levels: from barely audible to a level where it can be heard by someone sitting nearby. Whisper fluently without any fear of stuttering, even when your voice becomes somewhat more audible.

Whispering is versatile and can be used for individual words, phrases, sentences, or even full conversations. The goal is not to whisper perpetually but to use it as an effective tool for specific words or situations where stuttering seems imminent.


Whispering, the “Magic” Instant Cure, can be a lifeline for individuals battling stuttering. Its immediate fluency-inducing effect provides a sense of relief and confidence, making it an essential addition to your toolkit of Crutches. By using whispering judiciously, you can thwart the onset of stuttering and pave the way for fluent speech.

Lee G. Lovett’s journey, which led him to become the “Whisperer,” serves as a testament to the power of this Crutch. Whispering isn’t a long-term solution, but it can be a dependable short-term savior, helping you avoid panic-inducing stutters. In your quest to overcome stuttering, don’t underestimate the “Magic” Instant Cure. Embrace it and watch your Fear Meter fall while your Fluency Meter rises, step by step, day by day.

In the next sections of this blog series, we will explore the remaining 6 crutches, each offering a unique perspective and approach to managing stuttering. Remember, the journey to fluency and confident speech may take time, but with dedication and the right strategies, it’s entirely achievable.

Stay tuned for more insights into Crutches 8 through 13 and how they can help you gain control over your stuttering and unlock your full potential as a communicator.

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