The 1-2-3 Punch: A Powerful Approach to Stuttering Improvement

Stuttering is a speech impediment that can significantly impact an individual’s confidence and communication abilities. Fortunately, there are effective strategies and techniques that can help those who stutter regain fluency and confidence. One such approach is the “1-2-3 Punch,” a holistic method that combines reading aloud , practicing crutches or tools, and reciting daily affirmations. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this powerful approach and how it can be a game-changer for individuals seeking to improve their speech fluency.

Understanding the 1-2-3 Punch

The “1-2-3 Punch” is a unique approach to stuttering improvement that combines three essential elements:

  • Reading Aloud for One Hour: Reading aloud is a valuable exercise, especially by speech therapists, for individuals who stutter. It helps build confidence, improve fluency, and enhance speech rhythm. The one-hour duration is significant as it provides ample practice and immersion in speech without interruptions.
  • Practicing Crutches: Lee Lovett’s stuttering books and videos offer a wealth of crutches or techniques that individuals can use to manage their stuttering. These crutches provide practical strategies for improving fluency and reducing the impact of stuttering on one’s speech.
  • Reciting Daily Affirmations: Daily affirmations are positive statements that individuals repeat to themselves to boost their confidence and self-belief. Affirmations can help rewire the mind and create a more positive internal dialogue, reducing anxiety and fear associated with speaking. Affirmations like “everyday and in every way, my speech grows better and better” or “I love to speak, I love to say my name” are powerful tools to boost self-confidence, a key aspect of speech therapy.

Reading Aloud for One Hour

The first component of the “1-2-3 Punch” is reading aloud for one hour. This exercise is designed to help individuals build their confidence in speaking. By reading continuously for an extended period, individuals become more accustomed to their own voice, which can reduce anxiety and self-consciousness. Additionally, reading aloud helps improve speech rhythm and fluency. The more fluency we hear from our lips the better!

When engaging in this exercise, it’s essential to choose reading materials that are of interest to you. It can be a book, a magazine, social media posts or comments, or any written content that engages you. The goal is not just to read but to do so with enthusiasm and passion. Over time, this practice can significantly enhance speech fluency.

Practicing Crutches from Lee Lovett’s Stuttering Resources

Lee Lovett has developed a range of crutches, techniques, and strategies that can be used by individuals to manage their stuttering or cluttering effectively. These crutches provide practical tools to navigate speech impediments and improve fluency. Some of the crutches include techniques for slowing down speech, using pauses effectively, and employing specific speech patterns to minimize stuttering and selective mutism.

Practicing these crutches regularly is essential for integrating them into daily speech. Lee Lovett’s stuttering books and videos offer a comprehensive guide to these techniques, making them accessible to anyone seeking to improve their speech fluency. More information can be found on

Reciting Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are a fundamental component of the “1-2-3 Punch.” Affirmations are positive statements that help individuals change negative thought patterns related to stuttering and stammering. By reciting these affirmations daily, individuals can reprogram their internal dialogue, boosting self-confidence and reducing anxiety when speaking.

Sample affirmations might include statements like “everyday and in every way, my speech grows better and better” or “I love to speak, I love to say my name.” By repeating these affirmations, individuals can reshape their beliefs about their speech abilities, ultimately leading to more confident and fluent speech. Our most repeated thoughts, become our most dominant thoughts.

The Power of Consistency

The “1-2-3 Punch” is not a one-time solution but a long-term commitment to speech improvement. Consistency is key to seeing results. By practicing these three components daily, individuals can gradually improve their speech fluency, boost their confidence, and change their relationship with stuttering.


In conclusion, the “1-2-3 Punch” is a powerful and holistic approach to improving speech fluency and confidence for individuals who stutter. By combining reading aloud for one hour, practicing crutches, and reciting daily affirmations, individuals can take control of their speech and work toward a more fluent and confident communication style. It’s a journey that requires dedication and consistency, but the rewards are profound, leading to enhanced self-expression and communication abilities.

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