“My home always had demon stuttering looming and everyone was always stressed out all the time because of me. Now, things have changed. My family is much more happy. This is what you have done for me, and I will always be in your debt…I began stuttering at age 4… My teachers were convinced that the solution was to force me to speak…before the entire school…my stutters exploded into full blocks often preventing me from speaking at all…I completely shut down and cried pathetically…This experience was repeated once every month for 16 years, each time…deepening my humiliations…I had therapies at ages 8, 10, 13, 15, 18 and 21…which did not help at all. My whole life, my heart has been filled with hate of therapy…Therapists told me that it was in my genes and could never be cured. I have proved the therapists wrong…I used my knowledge of the brain and neuroplasticity…I embraced Lee’s methods wholeheartedly…Medically speaking, Lee’s methods constitute a living example of the validity of the relatively new field of medicine, neuroplasticity…Neuroplasticity reveals that the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain can be changed throughout one’s entire life…My speech has made a 180 degree turn-around. All those who know me are in awe of my progress…Lee’s methods work…”

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