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“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it. Coaching is part of the process that every PWSS must go through in order to master fluency, learn to love speaking in all settings, and improve their self-confidence. Aside […]



“I am definitely a much happier person today because I no longer stutter and I know it is only up from here in terms of my communication. I trained to become a speech coach to help others realize their potential with Lee’s methods because stuttering is something that can be defeated!”



“I started stuttering around age 4, and it got much worse in my early teens. I had therapies that made me feel better about being a stutterer, but they didn’t reduce my stuttering. I used silence as my first line of defense, which made me feel shy, but I’m not really shy. I found Lee’s […]


Doug Nelson

“I’ve stuttered most of my words all my life, that’s 58 years. The misery I suffered is beyond words. Then, Lee Lovett’s Book “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures” and three Skypes with Lee literally changed my life. I learned to coach by being coached and by watching over 100 coaching videos by Lee and other coaches. […]


Stuart Jameson

“My name is Stu, and I’ve been a PWSS for around a year. After being a PWS for over 30 years I found out about Lee Lovett’s book by chance and made contact with him. What a great decision that was. For the first time in my life I was given hope and was convinced […]


Leah A

“I am helping people change their lives. Every time I coach, I am acutely aware of the long-term impact coaching will have on the world. My goal, along with all the other coaches who are a part of WSSA is to eradicate stuttering from this earth. We want it to be a thing of the […]


Javier Valcázar Cortázar

“Coaching has helped me learn to reduce anxiety when speaking to strangers, and to remain calm when talking for a long time. Participating in the SpeechMasters Club meetings has also been crucial, as it has helped me learn to enjoy speaking to groups of people too.” Javier also serves as Chairman of WSSA’s SAM Committee. […]


Prathusha Ravi

  “When I coach a PWS I always try and understand the root cause of their stutter, I ask them to explain all the pains and frustrations that they have gone through all their lives. After they explain, I try to share my painful past and assure them that if I could overcome all these […]


Lee Lovett

“I couldn’t say my name, or anyone else’s, when any form of spotlight was on me. At age 25 or so, I was humiliated beyond all words when I could not speak when trying my first case in court. With a wife, two kids and being broke, I feared that my career and life were […]

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