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Don’t Panic When Using The Stuttering “Crutches”

I have heard many PWS express their concerns with using the crutches while they are under pressure. They say “I cannot use the crutches when I am under pressure as my mind goes completely blank!” What they are in fact saying is “I am unable to use the crutches because I do not know them […]


The Fallacy of Accepting Stuttering

After having coached many PWS (People Who Stutter), I have concluded that we have all being told the exact same things regarding curing our stutters. We are told: “You should accept your stutter and be proud of it as it makes you who you are.”: But I never liked who I was when I stuttered. […]


Using The Stuttering “Crutches” Is Not Cheating

After coaching multiple PWS (People Who Stutter), I have concluded that one of the biggest challenges faced by PWS is that they believe that they will be cheating or will sound “silly” if they use the crutches. I have asked them what this means exactly. I have received the following responses: “I cannot just suddenly […]


Fighting Speech Fears

What is the fear? Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined. The best thing about fear is that it is just a feeling. A feeling we can make disappear assuming we have the right tools. As people who stutter (PWS) and people who […]


My Stuttering Journey: from PWS to PWSS

How it all began My name is Tasneem, and I am an admitted attorney and conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa. I started stuttering at the age of 10 and have absolutely no idea how or why it started. I do remember though, that there was another boy in my class, let’s call […]

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